Tormenta -- First Try at PC board

Here is the first attempt at PC board fabrication. This version is mainly to determine feasibility of 2 layer construction.

Please excuse any obvious or stupid mistakes made in this version. It was the result of a 13 1/2 hour marathon CAD and board layout session, and we were RATHER tired towards the end. Also, the traces that appear to be touching in the GIF version of these artworks really arent. It's just the graphic format conversion process to GIF.

Assembly Drawing

assy.gif (39371 bytes)

Top Layer

top.gif (39225 bytes)

Bottom Layer

bot.gif (53938 bytes)


sheet1.gif (28648 bytes)

sheet2.gif (27446 bytes)

sheet3.gif (25654 bytes)

sheet4.gif (29226 bytes)

sheet5.gif (34949 bytes)

sheet6.gif (35089 bytes)

sheet7.gif (39360 bytes)


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